Raft Cove: Best remote beach for camping on Vancouver Island

We ventured out to Raft Cove in late June on the northwest tip of Vancouver Island, BC. You can get there by boat or by hiking, but we chose canoe to camp in comfort. This video shows you some of the things you can do there like fishing, crabbing, surfing and relaxing. We also show what the facilities are like and where to get fresh water if you have a boat, which is not obvious once you are there!

We took our folding canoe by MYCANOE. It’s made of thin, corrugated plastic (like plastic carboard) and folds up into a small box when you’re not using it. The canoe holds 520lbs including your weight. We really loaded it up for this trip and it’s the most we’ve ever taken!

The MacJack River that takes you to Raft Cove is a tidal river. You need to read the tide charts and plan your trip so that you are travelling in the direction of the tide. For example, you should leave the parking lot just after high tide. If you leave too early or too late, you definitely can get stuck. The most obstacles are at the parking lot side of the river, not the ocean side. There are two windows when you can travel per day, and one of them may be really early or really late at night!

What happens when you are impatient and do not wait for the tide to be high enough

If you have any questions about our folding canoe or Raft Cove, let us know in the comments!

Note: This trip is from June 2022. Those of you who know me personally know that I’ve been sick since January 2023. I am starting to feel better, but not quite doing trips like this yet!

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