VIDEO: Winter camping at Mystic Beach along the Juan de Fuca Trail

I’ve been so busy planning my trip, but I wanted to get this video online before the summer!

Over the February long weekend, Ashley and I had a lovely time camping on Mystic Beach.

Mystic is at the very start of the Juan de Fuca trail. It’s a great beginner backpacking trip as it’s so close to the cars. We got almost all the way down there when Ashley realized she had forgotten her lunch in the car. Rather than leave her sandwich for the mice, she dropped her overnight bag and jogged back up to get it.

In the summer, this proximity means it can feel more like a party than a remote beach. Tents get crammed into every inch above the tideline. Sometimes people go there with excessive amounts of alcohol and loud speakers.

But in February, not so much. Only a few other folks spent the night on the beach with us. And the waterfall was flowing fast! What a treat.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Winter camping at Mystic Beach along the Juan de Fuca Trail

  1. Just happened upon your page today. Is it true that you are required to have winter tires to drive to Mystic Beach this time of year?

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