Snowy solo hike in the Sooke Hills

This weekend, I was feeling a bit burnt out. The holidays were not designed for introverts! So I decided to go on a solo hike to help me find some energy for the weeks ahead.

I went to one of my favourite places to hike when it’s snowing in Victoria: Sugarloaf.

Hope you enjoy my very short video!

I have my heart set on trying a difficult 5-day solo hike this summer, so this was an easy start to my mental training. I’ve been unable to hike alone for about a year due to my back injury. (Having your back go out in the middle of nowhere, not a good plan!) So I’ve very grateful I well enough to hike alone again.

Also just a safety note for anyone else who wants to hike alone: I was carrying enough gear to survive the night and had practiced using this gear on my own in similar cold, wet conditions. Don’t do anything you aren’t prepared to do safely! <3

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