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Snowshoe backpacking at Forbidden Plateau

Although Mt. Washington just got a huge dump of snow, the mountain was closed to most people few weeks ago. It as the perfect time to go on a shoeshoeing trip.  No skiiers or snowboarders!  Only the people who didn’t mind taking off their winter footwear and hiking through the dirt and ice could enjoy the mountain.

Carrying our snow shoes over packed snow.

Out on the trails it was just us, a small group from the Victoria Outdoor Club, a large group of backpacking Boy Scouts and few families trying to build snow men.  We kept going past where the Boy Scouts set up for the night until we found with some snow that hadn’t melted or been compacted by hikers.  We then hopped off the main trail, put on our snow shoes for the first time, and went looking for a good camping spot.

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